This is Payal here, a UX and Product designer who understands code and empathy.

On a side note, I once considered a career in theatre and stand-up comedy. 🎭🎤
Design to me is all about meaningful collaborations.
Whether it is working on a team or as a one woman army, I am always an advocate for meaningful collaborations with users, clients and key stakeholders to create good user experiences. Through a process oriented approach, I focus on creating simple and intuitive user centered experiences.

To know more about my UX journey, check out my pitch video.

select work

Rematch: Bridging the gap between Donors and Nonprofits
Client: The Pittsburgh Foundation
Role: Design Lead | Visual and Interaction Design| UX Research

A responsive web based application that empowers Donor Services Officers to make better matches by improving the process of retrieval, manipulation, and display of donor and grantee data.

Frolic : A Socio-ecological approach to physical activity
Client: National Institutes of Health partnering with CMU HCII
Role: Design Lead | UX Designer | Project Coordinator

A mobile game app for girls from ages 7 to 12 that encourages young girls to be physically active. The concept and design for the mobile app won first place at National Institutes of Health’s Shape of Health Competition.

TALK: Designing an inclusive and engaging onboarding experience
Client: TALK The New Sex-ed
Role: UI/UX Designer

An onboarding experience for an interactive chat fiction based sex-ed app for incoming college freshman.

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